Panasonic range of Laboratory Incubators | Lab Incubators Standard Lab Incubator range

Panasonic produce a wide range of Laboratory Incubators. Each lab incubator is designed to provide optimum incubation conditions for a wide variety or research area. Standard Laboratory incubators are available for general microbiology use or for simply providing a stable environment for many research applications.

Our Standard range of Laboratory Incubators are particularly useful for incubating "open" samples or vented cultures since the Air Jacket design reduces the amount of culture / sample drying.
Cooled Laboratory Incubators

Where incubation temperatures around ambient or below ambient are required, the Panasonic range of Cooled Incubators provide an ideal solution to your Laboratory Incubator needs. Panasonic Cooled Incubators have a wide temperature range from -10C to +60C or from -10C to +50C depending on the model. All Panasonic Cooled Incubators have timers and are programmable.

CO2 Incubators / Cell Culture Incubators / Carbon Dioxide Incubators

If you are involved in Cell Culture or CO2 dependent bacterial culture, then the large range of Panasonic CO2 Incubators will provide an ideal solution to your requirements. Panasonic CO2 Incubators feature precise temperature and CO2 control systems, decontamination systems and sample protection systems.

If you need a large capacity CO2 Incubator or are using Roller Culture systems, then the new MCO-80IC can provide you with 851L of perfectly controlled CO2 and temperature environment. 
Mixed Gas Incubators, Multi Gas Incubators CO2,O2,N2 Incubators

If you are involved in Cell culture using increased or decreased oxygen levels, then the Panasonic range of Multigas Laboratory Incubators will be of great benefit to your research. One of the major benefits of the Panasonic Multigas Laboratory Incubator is the use of a solid state oxygen sensor, which unlike galvanic sensors does not require constant recalibration.

If your research involves Live Cell Imaging, The new InCuVIEW CO2 Incubator will allow you to culture multiple samples whilst allowing you to view and video cell growth in situ, without disrupting your cells.

Plant Growth Incubators, Plant growth Chambers, Plant growth Cabinets

If you are looking for a Plant Growth Cabinet / Plant Growth Chamber / Plant Growth Incubator then the Panasonic MLR range will provide an incubation solution with Humidity and Non-Humidity models.