IncuSafe MCO-80IC CO2 Incubator

Large capacity, precise control

The IncuSafe MCO-80IC is ideal for culturing high volumes of patient samples, performing short-term studies, and working with large volume cell culture apparatus. The MCO-80IC includes Panasonic’s advanced incubator technologies such as inCu-saFe® interior, UV decontamination option and solid-state infrared CO2 sensor with P.I.D. control to provide outstanding performance and anti-contamination control. The CO2 incubator also features exceptionally low CO2 gas consumption for economic operation.

    Superior Temperature and CO2 Control

Horizontal laminar airflow system
The MCO-80IC features a cross-shelf horizontal airflow system, which promotes optimum temperature and CO2 uniformity throughout the incubator and contributes to rapid recovery after door openings. The conditioned air is directed evenly through the incubator using perforated wall plenums made from Panasonic’s exclusive inCu-saFe® copper-enriched stainless steel. The horizontal airflow helps to maintain uniform air circulation and even temperature distribution when samples are placed in the incubator.

P.I.D. temperature control
Limits temperature fluctuation to ±0.1°C.

Infrared (IR) CO2 sensor with P.I.D. microprocessor control
Delivers precise control and fast CO2 recovery characteristics.

Exceptionally low CO2 gas consumption rates
Less than half of a similar competitor unit.

  • Flexibility and Ease of Use
  • Large capacity, 851 litre CO2 incubator with adjustable shelving provides flexibility in use.
  • Accommodates roller bottle apparatus, bottles wide x 7 bottles high (requires optional Mounting Ramp Kit, MCO-80RBS).
  • Full view, double paned glass door allows clear observation of cultured samples.
  • Large LED digital display and keypad for greater visibility and ease of set-up.















CO2 Control - Faster Recovery & Lower Gas Consumption


Panasonic’s large scale cell culture incubator has been designed specifically for critical applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical investigation.
Large chamber capacity applications require special consideration of gas usage and recovery times. Panasonic’s proprietary IR sensor with P.I.D. CO2 control algorithm is paramount to the industry’s leading design. An optional inner door system (MCO-80ID) is also available to enhance these results further. We have designed our incubators with ease of use and efficiency in mind. By delivering a user friendly cell culture incubator with rapid systems and processes, Panasonic can help make your work as simple as possible.


Humidity Selection and Optional UV Sterilisation

As standard, the MCO-80IC offers a choice of normal and high humidity modes for different application needs. For reliability and reduced maintenance the humidity reservoir heater is located on the outside wall of the reservoir and is not susceptible to corrosion or scaling through contact with water. An optional auto-fill 20 litre secondary water tank (Model MCO-80AS) provides an additional water supply to the humidity reservoir. Panasonic’s patented and laboratory proven SafeCell UV sterilisation system (option) is employed to sterilise the humidifying water reservoir and help minimise contamination concerns (U.S. Patent 6255103).





Preventative Contamination Control

Incubator interior and plenums made from Panasonic’s exclusive inCu saFe® germicidal, copper-enriched stainless steel.